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RehabCare Dundalk

RehabCare Dundalk

RehabCare Dundalk

Rehab provides services to more than 10,000 people – adults and children-every year. People with disabilities, people on the autism spectrum, mental health difficulties, older people who need support to live independently, people who are disadvantaged in some way in the labour market, and those who want a fresh start.

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Lets Fund It provides RehabCare with much-needed equipment for Dundalk Resource Centre,

“Investing in people”. This simple statement encapsulates one of the most fundamental rationales for the origin of charity itself. Charity is about generosity and helpfulness, especially towards those who are in need or suffering. Charity is also about being selfless and giving your time and resources to ensure the most vulnerable people have a chance of experiencing a better life. Perspectives on life can be completely different from one person to the next, and in many cases this can be dictated by uncontrollable predispositions. People can often be limited by their financial status, physical and mental disabilities. In some cases people lack the most basic of needs such as food, shelter and safety. It could be argued that it is the duty of those who are more privileged to take the time to invest in the disadvantaged in order to provide them with a more optimistic perspective on life.

This philosophy of investing in people to change their perspectives is the core principle at the heart of RehabGroup. RehabGroup is an Irish-founded charity that can trace its roots back to 1949 when it was set up as a rehabilitation institute to support people recovering with Tuberculosis. The institute allowed those suffering to recover, rebuild their lives and to re-enter the workforce.  Since then, RehabGroup has expanded its focus to all people with disabilities. What began as a one-room centre in Dublin has now grown to providing services in 140 locations throughout Ireland, Britain and Poland. Every year, RehabGroup supports hundreds of people with disabilities to become more independent, as well as empowering them with skills and confidence to be active in the workforce.

RehabGroup came on the radar of Let’s Fund It through a very polite email request received by Marie Burke, Programme Supervisor at the RehabCare resource centre in Dundalk, Co Louth.  RehabCare looks after the residential, respite and Day activities for RehabGroup in Ireland.

RehabCare is committed to providing a range of support services for people with disabilities, mental health difficulties as well as older people. Marie reached out with a donation request for Let’s Fund It for supplies for the centre’s “Sensory Room”.  For those of you who are wondering what a sensory room is, DON’T FRET! Explanation incoming- A sensory room is a therapeutic space with a variety of equipment that provides individuals with special needs with personalised sensory input. It aids users in becoming calm and focusing themselves so they can be better prepared for learning and interacting with others.

Service users at Carroll Village Resource Centre using the RayGar Manicure Nail Table

Marie discussed the needs and requirements of the centre with the LFI Trustees, and helpfully provided a list of goods that were required for the sensory room. This included fidget spinners, Grounding/Yoga mats, weighted blankets, a make-up cosmetic tray, dance mats and a Manicure Nail Table. Lets Fund It began its mission to source these goods which proved at times to be a difficult endeavour, considering none of the trustees had previous manicure experience………allegedly. After some time spent the trustees finally put down their laptops, coming away with a completed order list and a newfound knowledge on manicure products.

Goods purchased by Let’s Fund It for the sensory room, with a service user enjoying the weighted blankets.

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