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Limerick Treaty Suicide Prevention with goods, equipment and services donated by you.

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With your help, Let’s Fund It delivered 6 Yak 25m throw lines to Limerick Treaty Suicide Prevention.

Thank you to everyone who donated a throw line to LTSP. Your donation will have a huge impact and will support the charity carry out their vital work in the community.

You’ve made a real difference.

Donation to LTSP Limerick Treaty Suicide Prevention


LTSP Limerick Charity

Limerick Treaty Suicide Prevention is a Limerick based charity that patrols the bridges of the Shannon River four nights a week, offering support to those who are distressed or suicidal.

The group is looking for equipment to use during their patrols that can be used to save the lives of people who may end in the water.


Of Course! Let's Fund It is 100% transparent with all donations that are made towards products for our charity partners. We want our donors to know exactly how their donations are used.

Our commitment is to organise, purchase and deliver the donated goods to the charity that you have chosen. When the donated products have been delivered to the charity by Let's Fund It, you will receive a delivery note to confirm the successful completion of your donation!


Every donation will go towards purchasing real products and services that will make a real difference.

Let's Fund It will ensure that you are updated regularly on your donation and that you will know exactly where your donation is going.

Let’s Fund It is a volunteer-run Irish registered charity. Our new online platform allows Irish charities to request goods, equipment and services that will directly benefit their service-users.

These items are then listed on our website at no cost to the charity. As a donor, you can browse the listed items and select which ones you’d like to donate.

When you have successfully donated, Let's Fund It will then source, purchase and deliver the product/service directly to the charity on your behalf. Once a donation has been delivered successfully, Let's Fund It will send you a delivery confirmation note which will be testament to the real difference you have made.

Let's Fund It does not take a fee for the service it provides. Donations that we raise through fundraising go towards website fees, administration fees and subsidising the cost of every product on our website.