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Charitable Support Policy

1. Purpose:
The purpose of this policy is to outline the criteria and procedures governing the selection of charities
supported by Let’s Fund It, ensuring a transparent and accountable process in line with our commitment to
assist registered Irish charities and their service users.

2. Charity Selection Criteria:
Let’s Fund It is committed to supporting charities that align with our mission and values. Charities are
primarily selected based on the following criteria:
a. Previous Collaboration: Preference is given to charities that Let’s Fund It has previously collaborated
with, building on established relationships and trust.
b. Strong Connection: Charities with a strong connection to Let’s Fund It, either through shared goals,
values, or past engagements, are prioritized.
c. Impactful Products/Services: Charities requesting products or services that can have a direct and
measurable impact on the well-being and needs of their service users.
d. Transparency and Accountability: Charities that demonstrate a commitment to transparency,
accountability, and effective use of resources.
e. Workload: Let’s Fund It aims to help one to two charities per month. Due to the volunteer nature of the
charity, Let’s Fund It can only manage this number of charities per month.

3. Solicitation of Charities:
While Let’s Fund It actively seeks charities to support, the organization also considers requests from

charities seeking assistance. Charities approaching Let’s Fund It for support will be assessed on a case-by-
case basis, taking into account the alignment with our mission and the potential impact of the requested


4. Transparent Donation Process:
Let’s Fund It commits to maintaining a transparent donation process. This includes:
www.letsfundit.ie | info@letsfundit.ie
Charity Number: 20206172 | CHY Number: 22818
Stephen Ryan-Doyle – (086) 220229 | David Walsh – (087) 2681832
Patrick McCarthy – (083) 8169033 | Joe Guerin – (087) 3107647 | Adam Kinsella – (085) 8277300

a. Regular Updates: Donors will receive regular updates on the status of their donation, including how and
where it is being utilized.
b. Financial Accountability: Ensuring that all funds donated are spent to benefit Irish charities and their
service users.

5. Commission and Administrative Fees:
Let’s Fund It operates with a commitment to not charge any commission on donations. All administrative
fees associated with the platform are covered by the trustees of the charity, ensuring that 100% of every
donation goes directly to charity end-users.

6. Review and Evaluation:
The selection criteria and procedures outlined in this policy will be periodically reviewed and evaluated to
ensure their effectiveness in meeting the goals and values of Let’s Fund It.

7. Amendment of Policy:
This policy may be amended at any time, and any changes will be communicated transparently to all

8. Compliance with Regulations:
Let’s Fund It will operate in accordance with all relevant laws and regulations governing charitable activities
in Ireland.

9. Adoption of Policy:
This Charitable Support Policy has been adopted by the trustees of Let’s Fund It and is effective as of