Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland
Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland (WRI) is an umbrella organisation promoting wildlife rehabilitation & supporting the rehabiliators who work in this field in Ireland. Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland exists to promote wildlife rehabilitation and improve wildlife welfare and conservation in Ireland.

Let’s Fund It discovered Wildlife Rehabiliation Ireland online and were greatly impressed by the fantastic work they do with animals and wildlife. We decided to reach out to them with the offer of a donation.

We were contacted by Seosaimhín McCarren who volunteers with Wildlife Rehabiliation Ireland who told us about the important work that WRI carries out with wildlife rehabilitation, wildlife welfare and conservation in Ireland. She told us of their need of new incubators for animals. These incubators are the best place for weak and fragile baby animals to heal, hide, cuddle, and grow – especially for small baby animals who aren’t yet old enough to retain their own heat. The incubators provide a warm, clean, quiet, safe and reliable haven for these baby animals.

Let’s Fund It sourced these incubators with the help of Seosaimhín. They were priced at €220 each so we decided to purchase 3 of these for WRI. These were sent from Dingle in County Kerry all the way to the WRI base in Meath. WRI took delivery of the 3 incubators and sent Let’s Fund It beautiful photographs of the unwrapping and also of baby animals using them, much to our delight! You can find these superb photographs below showing all sorts of animal and wildlife that WRI takes such fantastic care of.

The total donation came to €660.

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