Gort Cancer Support was established in June 2007 to provide support and practical assistance to people affected by a cancer diagnosis in the South Galway/North Clare area.

Let's Fund It is a charity that is dedicated to making a positive impact on communities and individuals in need. Let's fund It reached out to support Gort Cancer Support, a charity that provides support to those affected by cancer.

Let's Fund It reached out to Gort Cancer Support and got in touch with one of their volunteers Cara who after careful thought and discussion with other members of the team who decided arts and crafts equipment would be a great benefit to their service users.

The donation of arts and crafts supplies will allow the patients at Gort Cancer Support to express themselves creatively and bring a little joy into their lives during a difficult time. This type of donation not only provides a temporary distraction from the stress of dealing with cancer but also has therapeutic benefits.

Arts and crafts can provide a sense of accomplishment and pride, helping to boost self-esteem and confidence. It can also serve as a form of self-expression, allowing patients to channel their emotions into a creative outlet.

It is our hope that this donation though small might have a lasting impact on the lives of those at Gort Cancer Support. It's donations like this that remind us of the power of community and the good that can come from working together.

So we ask, the next time you're looking for a way to give back, consider supporting Let's Fund It so that together our we can make an effort to make a difference in the lives of those in need. By coming together, we can make a real impact and bring a little bit of happiness into the world.