Let’s Fund It (LFI) was set up in 2019 by four friends from Co. Limerick with the common goal to support registered Irish charities in their work.

LFI uses donated funds to purchase good(s) and/or service(s) on the charity’s behalf. In this way, LFI can ensure that funds it receives through donations are being spent directly to benefit Irish charities and their service users.

The inspiration for LFI stemmed from a desire to help these charities and their charity service-users in a clear, practical, and transparent way. LFI aims to achieve this is through more tangible means rather than direct financial donations.

LFI strives to keep administration costs as low as possible and reserves the majority of its funding for charitable donations. For example, in 2020, 99.2% of the expenditure of Let’s Fund It went directly to the purchase of good(s) and/or service(s) on behalf of charities. 

The mission of Let’s Fund It is to offer support to Irish registered charities that align with its charitable purposes and that generally operate in the Munster area through the purchase of goods and/or services on behalf of these charities. 

Let’s Fund It intends that the public benefit will lie directly with the service users of the charities supported.

Let’s Fund It will focus on supporting charities that align with its own four charitable purposes which are as follows:

  •  The prevention or relief of poverty or economic hardship,
  •  The advancement of community welfare including the relief of those in need by reason of youth, age, ill-health or disability,
  •  The promotion of health, including the prevention or relief of sickness, disease or human suffering,
  •  The prevention or relief of suffering of animals.

Board of Trustees

Let’s Fund It is governed by a board of trustees. The board of trustees manage all of LFI’s operations.

The board of trustees are listed as follows:


• Stephen Ryan-Doyle (Chairperson)

• David Walsh (Secretary) 

• Adam Kinsella

• Joseph Guerin

• Patrick McCarthy 

December 2020 – Limerick Animal Welfare
LFI made a large donation of cat food, dog food, cat milk as well as puppy and kitten treats to LAW. These were delivered straight to the LAW sanctuary where they were greatly received by dogs, cats and humans alike! Let’s Fund It also gave LAW a €100 MaxiZoo gift card for them to spend on whatever they wished over the Christmas period. The total donation given to Limerick Animal Welfare this year was €301.
November 2020 – UHL Children’s Ark
LFI organised 100 goodie bags for the children of the Children’s Ark. These goodie bags were full of toys, sweets and other treats to cheer up the children as they visited hospital. The goodie bags were distributed over the Christmas period. The total donation amounted to €187
November 2020 – Milford Hospice
LFI supported Milford Care Centre on three separate occasions this year. Back in April, LFI made a donation of €100 to Milford to support it during the COVID19 pandemic. In November, we organised the purchase of 7 thermometers and 800 thermometer tips which Milford were running short on. In December of this year, LFI donated two €50 Dunnes Stores gift cards as well as 3 boxes of chocolates for the staff of Milford who work tirelessly to care for their patients. The total donations given to Milford Care Centre this year was €557.
October 2020 – Team Hope
LFI helped to supply two shoeboxes full of gifts as part of the Team Hope Shoebox appeal. These shoeboxes were sent straight to children affected by poverty. The shoeboxes included items such as toys, teddies, sweets, stationary and so on. The total donation given to Team Hope was €40.
October 2020 – St. Munchin’s Community Centre
LFI purchased over €300 worth of food and gift items for the St. Munchin’s Community Centre. The food went towards supporting the Meals on Wheels service for over 55’s while the gift items were given as part of the St. Munchin’s annual Christmas Appeal. These gift items were distributed to the elderly and vulnerable over the Christmas period. The total donation to St. Munchin’s amounted to €304.
July 2020 – St. John’s Hospital
Upon hearing of a shortage of wheelchairs in St. John’s, LFI contacted the hospital in July 2020. With the help of external donations, LFI were in position to fund the purchase of two Transit Fold Back wheelchairs. The total value of the donation was €772.
April 2020 – Various Donations
LFI made donations to a number of Irish charities as Ireland struggled with the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic. These donations amounted to €500. The charities supported were:
Pieta House
The Mid-West Simon Community
Limerick Animal Welfare
Feed the Heroes
December 2019 – Christmas Voucher Donations
LFI made a donation to 5 different charities over the Christmas period of 2019. These donations amounted to €500. There are as follows:
Limerick Animal Welfare – PetStop Voucher worth €100 to buy food and supplies.
UHL Children’s Ark – Cinema Tickets worth €100 to give to children leaving hospital.
Milford Hospice – Dunnes Stores giftcards worth €100 to be used to treat staff and patients.
Cork Penney Dinners – Tesco giftcard worth €100 to buy food and supplies.
Brothers of Charity - Marguerites Home Bakery giftcard worth €100 to treat residents.
December 2019 - Street Children of Bucharest
Street Children of Bucharest Street Children of Bucharest focuses on the plight of many orphans is devoted to helping as many children as possible. It opened a day care centre for the children in Romania's capital city, Bucharest. LFI donated €100 to Street Children of Bucharest this year. This money went towards the upkeep and running of the day care centre in Romania’s capital.
November 2019 – Milford Hospice
LFI sourced and supplied a specialised commode for Milford Hospice to be used by those in their care. This donation came to €290.
October 2019 – UHL Children’s Ark
LFI sourced and supplied stationary, paint, toys and colours for the Children’s Ark playroom based in the University Hospital Limerick. This donation came to €200.
July 2019 – Brothers of Charity
LFI supplied food and treats for a party in aid of a long-term resident of the Brothers of Charity care home in Newcastle West who was moving into her own home. This donation came to €377.
March 2019 – Limerick Animal Welfare
LFI made a donation of pet treats, dog food, cat food and supplies to the Limerick Animal Welfare sanctuary. This donation came to €391.
January 2019 - Foundation
Let's Fund It is Founded